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App Description

Reachout is the free App that provides a dedicated Social Support platform for people affected by chronic conditions. Everyone affected by adversity can now connect with others experiencing similar disease related challenges and expect compassion, empathy, strength and non-judgemental friendships. Serving as a supplement to medical treatment, this App provides everyone a means to the Social Support that has been shown through Research to improve recovery outcome in patients.


  • Dedicated support platform for Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and Death.
  • Discover that you are not alone as you connect with others fighting similar challenges.
  • Ask questions, share experiences, offer opinions and get feedback on difficult situations.
  • Use “My Story” section to share your journey. Telling people about your struggles encourages them to support you in ways you would never imagine.
  • Be it for yourself or your family/friends/spouse, the times are equally challenging and the support needed equally important.
  • Use Search function to find information quickly.
  • Feel empowered by helping others in this live community.
  • Easily save discussions and get instant notifications of new comments.
  • Follow favorite users and get alerts when they post new discussions.
  • Gain support, strength and friendships that last a lifetime.


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If two people have a conversation about let’s say, “chest pain heart disease” in private, the two gain out of it. If they have the same conversation about it in the open, anyone else who might be interested in that topic might chime in as well, adding to their gain, and more importantly, many more users later on can read about this and gain from it. For the benefit of your fellow users, please discuss in the open and say no to private messaging tools.

We hate advertisements as much as you do. We don’t plan to sell advertisements in the app.

Love those!! Easiest way is to use “Contact Us” through the Settings page in the app. You can also reach us on Facebook or Twitter.

We would be happy to include it for you. Please send us your suggestions and if there is enough interest, we will definitely include it.

If you haven’t received a confirmation email, please check your Spam/junk mail folder for an email from Reachout. If there is no email there, just fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page listing your email ID that you registered with, in the message. Our team will get back to you promptly to sort the matter out.

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